Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Bottom Line on Coder Foundry (Learn .net)

The quest continues for updating my technical skills. Low and behold, there is a strong sales-oriented ad on youtube I clicked on that led me to their site called "Coder Foundry." The newsletters were slightly assertive but also helpful. Basically, the article I read had two main points: Learn how to code in .net and here is how you get the job:

Step 1: Choose the right programming language (.net).
Step 2: Learn the right programming language quickly. ($9,000 for 12 weeks)
Step 3: Fill your portfolio with the right projects (make your own)
Step 4: Win the Technical Interview

They explained the benefits of going with a popular language, why some people use the same language in every job vs. people who learn a language to get their ideal job (me me me!). So I guess I'm about to pick up .net along the way. Can you guess where I am going to go to learn it?

First, I googled, "how to learn .net" and came up with this article:

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