Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Do button

My husband started a quest for home automation last year. We recently got the Smart things hub, but before that we had the wink. I don't know that much about it. But, when he started dimming some lights for me while I'm working which is terribly annoying because I can barely see as it is because I need to get glasses... I had to figure out how to use it myself.

So that part drove me insane but it has been handy when we are sitting somewhere and we need to turn off the lights and we don't want to get up. We're definitely going to become those lazy creatures from that movie called Idiocracy. Remember it? It's awesome sauce:

We will continue to do the automation thing. I found this "do button" along the way in my research, which automates tasks that will email you or remind you with your location and other things like weather using If/Then statements. Here's that link:

Maybe IF I can figure out how to use all the stuff, THEN he won't keep turning the lights off on me.  :]

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