Monday, May 29, 2017

Stuff I play with... like Catnip

Seriously, I didn't think I would be this bored. But I did it. I found a Groupon for this bundle of courses that turned out to be some leftovers (I'm guessing) that made a cheap attention getter and I fell for it. Even though some of the courses in the bundle were from 7... I enjoyed it. So what did I do? I ordered this: Simplilearn —  One Microsoft Office certification bundle

Some of the courses were just plain outdated. A couple of them, like the basic and intermediate courses for Excel were skipped because I've been working in Microsoft Office since Windows 3.1 or, 1995. That's kind of a long time. 22 years. I thought I knew everything. However, after being away from working outside of the home for the last 6 years, I thought it would be a nice refresher. And it has been for the most part. I learned about the new blog features in Word, a few more use cases for Excel relational tables and how Powerpoint still hasn't changed, but now you can narrate over music. Yeehaw. There is much more to it, I might be just a little tired from soaking this all in, but it's exciting. I simply enjoy making great documentation and need a reason to do it. 

That's the leap. This seems to be quite the baby step, but as it turns out, dusting off the administrative muscle is not a bad thing. I mean, it is part of what I offer to a potential employer. We'll see if this all comes in handy. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, I'll set up a review on Simplilearn on the next post. I am finishing my last course: "Microsoft Outlook 2010." It looks like this: 

In closing, turns out I'm outdated. This bundle was great for me. It confirmed what I already knew, gave me hope that I was going down the right path because I was pretty bored with the basic stuff and I knew most of the expert stuff already. The only concern I have is putting it to good use. That's what keeps my mind busy these days. It will work out somehow... this ride is far from over.