Saturday, October 10, 2015

Code School

One of the most fun month long projects I had was learning Ruby. I didn't like the theme of the lessons - zombies are not my thing. But I got to learn and fly through it when I was tired and slow down to get the practice when I wanted to get it. Here is my badge of completion for all the stuff I did 14 months ago on code school: 

I don't know how I would apply what I learned, to be honest about it. I mean, with any language, if you do not use it, you lose it - or have to go back and review it, heavily. When I took the contract with IBM-Coremetrics to support their web analytics product, I had to pick up UNIX after at least five years not using it. I was much better at HTML and java - - and not development - only reading it. 

So there is another topic for another night. How I was able to take a ton of courses overnight to get back on my feet and enjoy working there... except for the girl that let her thong show above her jeans. Ew. It's great to be smart and beautiful but you don't have to be "ew" about it. She was admittedly awesome at her job. Sometimes people just don't care what others have to look at in your presence. I try to at least bathe and present well. It's a part of being an adult really. That and I love a good lip gloss. More on that another day. Peace out. 

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